Return Policy

How many days can I return products in online order?

If you are not satisfied with the products / products you ordered, you can return the products / products within 14 days of receipt.


What are non-refundable products?

Abiye Elbiseler which is produced for special occasions, stones on top, underlayment of underwear, stilettos, busters, etc., which are in contact with the skin due to the hygiene regulations, Products must be returned on the same day. Refunds will not be accepted if the refund is not made within the same day.


Should I pay for shipping when returning?

The refund cargo fee must be paid by the sender since there is no refundable deposit in the depot. Otherwise, buyer-paid return shipment will not be accepted and your shipment will be refunded. 


When will the refunds of the products or products I return?

The return policy of the products reaching to the depot is examined. If the products are suitable for your business, your money will be paid to you within 30 working days at the latest.

Once your cancellation has been approved by us, your canceled item will be reported to your credit card / ATM (debit) card for which you have made payment within 30 business days. If you have paid by credit card, this information received by your bank will be reflected in the credit card extensions according to the working principles of the bank. In installments, repayments are made in installments in some banks. If you have made a payment with an ATM (debit) card, the bank will transfer the refund amount to the relevant account.

If you have any problems with the payment, you can fill out our contact form and send an e-mail to [email protected] by calling 0800 - 1900 on weekdays and 10:00 - 20:00 on weekends. 


Under what conditions can I return and exchange the products in my order?

In order to return the products or products in your order, the following conditions must be met. Otherwise, your refund request will not be accepted.

· You must perform your Idioms or changes within 14 days.

· The product (s) must not be used.

· The labels of the product (s) must be on the product and undamaged.

· Billed with the cargo should be returned with the return cargo.