About Us


Kikiriki is a fearless and edgy “life-style” brand with a fashion-forward attitude dedicated to the intelligent, creative, independent and fashion-conscious woman who likes to push life to its limits.

Kikiriki simply offers quality, affordable and inspiring clothing for the woman who wants to dress well, look good, have fun, feel great, and still, pay less!

As Kikiriki we love to draw, design, manifacture and sew for this exquisite woman who cares deeply about style, and we are proud to offer her countless options combining the best and the timeless designs of Europe and America, within the days of the runway shows!


To be the most admired, inspired and preferred “life-style” fashion brand in the world while still preserving our charming prices.


Continue being the “must-have” fashion brand by enriching and coloring the lives of our customers and partners all over the world,

and growing in domestic and international markets both through the triumph of our Kikiriki band as well as new business opportunities.


We believe that fashion embodies more than just clothing. At Kikiriki, fashion is also about being true to yourself, being confident of who you truly are, and bringing out the best in you and also in others all around you!