Distance Sales Contract

Distance Sales Contract








Article 1




1.1. Seller






: OKAN Konf. San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.




: Savaş Caddesi Meşe Sokak No: 14 Merter ISTANBUL / TURKEY








: Destek@kikiriki.com








1.2. Receiver




Name - Last name / TC.No












Article 2- Subject




The subject of this contract is that the following is the regulation of the Law on the Protection of Consumers and the Distance Contracts No 4077 regarding the sale and delivery of the products with the qualifications and the sales fee which the BUYER made an order in the electronic environment from the internet site of https://www.kikiriki.com belonging to SATICI The rights and obligations of the parties are determined.




Buyer shall notify the seller of the name, title, full address, telephone and other access information, basic characteristics of the goods subject to sale, sales price, payment order, delivery conditions and expenses etc. All the preliminary information about the goods subject to sale and the use of the right of "cancellation" and the official authorities to whom such right may be used, complaints and objections etc. The seller acknowledges and acknowledges these preliminary information and orders the goods afterwards in accordance with the provisions of this contract.




The pre-notification at https://www.kikiriki.com and the invoice issued on the order made by the buyer are integral parts of this contract.




Article 3- Contractual Subject Product / Payment / Delivery Information




The person to be traded and the contractor must be the same as the person who is to be contracted. The following is a list of the products / products purchased in the electronic environment: genus and type, quantity, brand / model, sales price, payment method, delivery address, The information provided should be accurate and complete. The buyer accepts to fully compensate for any damages that may arise in the event that this information is not correct or defective, and also accepts any liability that may arise from this situation.




The SELLER reserves the right to stop the order if the information given by the PURCHASER does not match the facts, when it deems necessary. The SELLER will freeze the order for 15 (fifteen) days if it can not reach the BUYER from the telephone, e-mail and postal address given by the BUYER in case of a problem with the order. The PURCHASER is expected to communicate with the SELLER during this period. If no reply is received from the PURCHASER within this period, the SELLER cancels the order so that both sides are not damaged.




Products / Products


Name, code:; … piece


Total Sales Value: .... -TL


Payment Form: Credit Card / Bank Transfer (EFT)


Delivery Person:


Phone number :