About Us

We aim to always meet the expectations of our customers with our unique designs, products reflecting the fashion, experienced sales team and always at the highest level in our domestic and abroad widespread sales points.

Our company has a wide range of sales force in the sector, global trends and a wide range of products, always offering quality products to its customers.

It is our distinctive element, our distinctive concept. Kikyrnik's concept is based on the relationship between product, quality and harmonious and unified brand image that comes from our own designs. Dressing modern and urban women in the direction of daily necessities is a form we have adapted and adapted in all countries where we exist as KYKIRIKI. This is one of the key points of our business sense and our international prestige.

The most important wealth people of Kikirikis. It is based on the dedication to a group of people who are motivated, flexible, adaptable to changes and who can benefit from it. We are a professional family that produces ideas for reaching as many women as possible.


It is our priority to discover ways to make them happy by always looking for new answers to all expectations of our customers. With the awareness of our customers' desires, it is our priority task to find a solution to all expectations in constant change and development. Because we know that without our customers, Kikyrnik could not exist either. Our goal is to complete our development in Turkey while continuing to grow with our infrastructure, which we have established on solid foundations, to become an internationally respected brand with a young, dynamic, productive and innovative team in the globalizing world.


To be among the three brands preferred by customers in the geographical area they have chosen as "lifestyle store" and to ensure that at least one Kikirikiye product is found in every house. Kikyrniki has aimed to offer the best quality products that appeal to different tastes until 1994, at the most reasonable prices. Kikyrniki develops its product range with an ever-increasing momentum in parallel with these events, always taking global changes into consideration with social and technological aspects, with its vision that follows the future and the world.